National Teen Driver Safety Week 2017

Student groups at eight Anchorage School District high schools promoted National Teen Driver Safety Week at their schools during the week of October 15, 2017. Students from Bartlett, Chugiak, Dimond, East, Eagle River, Service, South, and West created posters and videos, made announcements, coordinated lunchtime and after school activities, and used Snapchat filters to promote safe driving.

Funding for this project was provided by the Alaska Highway Safety Office, State Farm Insurance, and United Way of Anchorage.

High School Buckle Up, 2006-2016

The 2016 Buckle Up Campaign at Eagle River High School was covered on Fox 4 KTBY – check out the story on their website.

The goal of this campaign is to empower and engage youth to lead projects addressing youth traffic safety during the times of increased risk; including prom, graduation, and summer driving. With funding from the Alaska Highway Safety Office and State Farm Insurance, AIPC coordinated this peer-to-peer campaign in all ASD high schools from 2006 to 2016.

Buckle Up 2016 Jingles

The main focus of the campaign is to increase seat belt use amongst teen drivers and their passengers but there is also an emphasis on preventing distracted driving. Cell phones, texting, and other teen passengers are examples of major distractions to drivers, which contribute to a high percentage of crashes.

As participants in the campaign, high schools conduct peer-to-peer safety messaging and have been successful in increasing seat belt use. Efforts include; parking lot incentives to those “caught” wearing seat belts, pledges for safe driving, roll-over-simulator demonstrations, school announcements, assembly skits, safe driving jingles, videos, banners, signs, and locker flyers.

The 2016 Buckle Up Campaign concluded with 91.4% of Alaska teens buckled up.

Buckle Up 2016 Report