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2013 Rural CPS Report

Rural CPS

2013 CPS Conference Report Final

CPS 2013 Conference

Anchorage Booster Seat Use 2009-2013

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The purpose of this study was to observe and assess the child passenger safety practices of children four to seven years old in the Anchorage bowl and serve as a follow up to previous booster seat observation studies conducted in the Anchorage area. Based on the responses provided by their caregivers, children that were between the ages of four and seven, under 65 pounds, and under 4’9” were included in the study sample. Results from this study were compared to similar observations from previous years. The majority of children were appropriately restrained, with 78.4% of children restrained in a booster seat or five-point harness car seat. While more booster seat age children are appropriately restrained than prior to the law going into effect, observations from 2013 indicate that appropriate child passenger safety use among children between four and seven has declined since July 2011.

Alaska 2012 CPS Conference Report

2012 CPS Conference Report

In September 2012, AIPC and Safe Kids Alaska coordinated the 5th Annual Child Passenger Safety Conference held in Anchorage, Alaska. The purpose of this conference is to bring together nationally certified CPS technicians from all over the state so that they may earn their recertification. A total of 47 technicians from 14 Alaska communities attended the 2012 conference.

Booster Seat Follow Up Report 2011

Booster 2011

Anchorage Booster Seat Use 2009-2010

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Key Findings

•  Booster Seat Use Increases 176%
•  Over 1700 car seats checked in 2009 in Alaska.
•  88% of car seats checked in AK in 2009 had misuse.
•  Children are less likely to be properly restrained as they get older.
•  In Anchorage 73% of 4 yr olds were properly restrained, compared to 21% of 7 yr olds.
•  At a minimum, keep infants rear-facing until 1 yr old AND 20 pounds.


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