Bike Safe Projects

The Alaska Injury Prevention Center (AIPC) is involved in a variety of projects to promote cycling in Anchorage and Alaska. AIPC is dedicated to reducing injuries and deaths associated with riding while getting more people riding. To help us reach our aspirations we review data from multiple sources as well as Below is a list of some of the projects we are involved in.


Bicycle Education Program

Thanks to a 2015 grant from Alaska’s Safe Routes to School program and support from partners including the Anchorage School District Health and Physical Education Department and Bike Anchorage, AIPC was able to purchase a fleet of 35 bikes to be used to teach the Bikeology curriculum in ASD Physical Education classes.

League of American Bicyclists Smart Cycling

Riding safely and confidently.

Thanks to a 2014 grant from Safe Routes to School and support from the Municipality of Anchorage, AIPC staff and others in the Anchorage community have been trained as League of American Bicyclists’ Instructors. The League is the only education program to offer a nationwide cycle instructor certification program. If you are interested in participating in a Smart Cycling course or just want a quick refresher on the rules of the road, contact AIPC. For more information about the League of American Bicyclists, please visit their website.


Be Safe Be Seen

Promoting lights and reflectors for nighttime riding.

As kids, most of us were told to be home before dark.  This is good advice for parents to give to children.  But if we follow that advice in Alaska, as adults,  we would spend very little time outdoors in the winter.  There are things we can do to be safe and still play outside in the dark.  Reflectors and lights will increase our visibility


Hot Flashing Biking Women

AIPC’s bike blog, Tales from the Trails.

Marcia Howell, AIPC Executive director enjoys bike commuting to work as well as riding around town for fun and exercise.  She also tries to ride when ever she travels.  Stories of these local and far away rides are posted on AIPC’s bike blog.  Posts include moose encounters, tales of smiles from drivers, close encounters of the motor vehicle kind, lots of pictures and suggestions for routes.


Bike counts

How Many People are Riding in Alaska?

Getting a count of riders is an elusive task.  But it matters when we are trying to determine if injury rates are decreasing, whether our efforts to promote cycling are successful and where the greatest infrastructure improvements are needed.  The challenges include funding and resources.


Bike to Work Day

Annual Event to Get People to Try Bike Commuting.


Planning for BTWD begins after the turn of the year.  Multiple volunteer groups are involved with everything from hosting treat stations at busy bike intersections, securing prizes for riders, counting participants and helmet users, promotion, Tshirt designs, and much more.  Information about past events can be found at the Municipality of Anchorage’s website.  BTWD also has a Facebook Page with information about past events as well as upcoming cycling activities in Anchorage.

We are currently exploring how other areas of the country and world count cyclists.  The next steps will involve coordinating efforts between the State of Alaska, City of Anchorage and AIPC.